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Quality USB Pyramid WHITE Salt Lamp - 9 cm (multi)

Quality USB Pyramid WHITE Salt Lamp - 9 cm (multi)

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Introducing the Quality USB Pyramid WHITE Salt Lamp - 9 cm, a stunning addition to your space. Crafted from multi-coloured Himalayan salt, this lamp is more than just a beautiful decor piece.

When lit, it is believed to release negatively charged ions, countering the positive ions from modern-day pollution and electrical equipment. This can potentially improve air quality and create a more harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Each lamp comes complete with a light fitting, bulb, and a 150 cm long USB connector for easy use. Please note that as these are natural products, each lamp is completely unique in shape and colour.

Bring the soothing ambience of this Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp into your home and experience the potential benefits for yourself.

Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x10.5 (cm), 0.591L, 1.304Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Himalaya Salt

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