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Plain Censer Burner

Plain Censer Burner

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Enhance your space with the exotic aroma of dhoop cones or resin incense using our Polished Brass Censer Burner. Crafted in the ancient brass city of Moradabad, India, this traditional burner adds a touch of mystique to any environment.

Designed with a detachable lid and featuring smoke-release holes at the top, this burner allows the scent to waft gently through the air. The convenient removable wood handle makes it easy to move while in use.


  • Height: 11cm
  • Base: 6cm
  • Width with handle: 20cm
  • Depth: 4.5cm

Imported directly from an artisan family producer in Moradabad, our 100% solid brass burners are both authentic and competitively priced. Create an eye-catching display by pairing it with incense, such as frankincense, and charcoal tablets.

Warning: When in use, incense burners become hot. Place on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface and keep away from children. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add an exotic touch to your home, spa, or sacred space.

Dimensions: 11x6 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Brass

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