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Pine Sylvestris (Scots Pine) 50ml

Pine Sylvestris (Scots Pine) 50ml

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Introducing our Pine Sylvestris (Scots Pine) 50ml essential oil, sourced from Siberia and extracted through dry distillation. This powerful oil offers a myriad of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, clearing mucus, boosting the immune system, and protecting against infections.

Blending seamlessly with cedarwood, rosemary, lavandin, sage, labdanum, and juniper oils, our pine essential oil is perfect for creating custom aromatherapy blends. Its low toxicity makes it safe for regular use, although individuals with respiratory sensitivity should use it with caution.

Derived from the Pinus Sylvestris tree, this essential oil has a rich history and is widely recognized as a staple in aromatherapy. Its availability and ease of extraction make it a popular choice for holistic wellness.

Dimensions: 9.6x3.5 (cm)


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