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Patchouli Simmering Granules

Patchouli Simmering Granules

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Indulge in the earthy, musky aroma of Patchouli with these Simmering Granules. Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere and promoting relaxation.

Simply place a spoonful of granules in your oil burner and enjoy the fragrance without the need for water or oil. These versatile granules can also be used to freshen up any room, making them a convenient and mess-free option for aromatherapy.

Whether you want to banish cigarette odours, freshen up bathrooms, or add a pleasant scent to closets, these granules are a versatile solution. Plus, they come in a 200g pack, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy.

Choose from a range of colours to suit your mood and style, and experience the benefits of Patchouli in a convenient and affordable way.



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