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Palmarosa 50ml

Palmarosa 50ml

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Indulge in the delicate, rose-like aroma of Palmarosa Essential Oil. Sourced from India and extracted through steam distillation, this oil is a must-have for your collection.

Palmarosa is renowned for its natural skin benefits, making it a versatile addition to your beauty routine. Whether you have dry or oily skin, this essential oil helps regulate moisture and oil production, promoting skin health and renewal.

Not just for skincare, Palmarosa offers calming and uplifting effects, making it a tonic for the heart and mind. It can support deep sleep, uplift your mood, and provide comfort during feminine cycles. Additionally, its rejuvenating properties make it perfect for a soothing foot soak.

Embrace the holistic benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil, from nourishing your skin to providing emotional support. Add a few drops to your diffuser, skincare products, or foot bath for a rejuvenating experience.

Dimensions: 9.6x3.5 (cm)


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