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Pack of 5 Palo Santo Large Incense Sticks - 20cm

Pack of 5 Palo Santo Large Incense Sticks - 20cm

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Experience the sacred aroma of Palo Santo with our Pack of 5 Palo Santo Large Incense Sticks. Handrolled in Peru, each stick is made of Palo Santo, also known as holy wood, and measures 20cm in length and 1cm in width. These incense sticks burn for approximately 75 minutes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the soothing fragrance.

Originating from the native Indians in South America, Palo Santo has been used for centuries during ceremonies to clear the aura and heal from negative influences. Its warm, wooden aroma with a sweet touch creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for cleansing your space or simply enjoying its pure fragrance.

The mild, natural scent of Palo Santo sets it apart from other cleansing herbs like white sage, making it an appealing choice for anyone seeking a spiritual and aromatic experience. Embrace the tranquillity and positive energy that Palo Santo brings into your life.

Dimensions: 20x4x1 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: wood

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