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On Angels Wings 1Kg

On Angels Wings 1Kg

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Transport yourself to the misty mountains of Yunnan Province with our On Angels Wings 1Kg Slimming Pu'erh Tea. Grown in the ideal conditions of South West China, this full-bodied, dark tea offers a unique earthy flavour that intensifies with each brew.

Not only does this Pu'erh Tea delight the senses, but it also works wonders for cleansing toxins and free radicals from the body.

To enjoy, simply steep 2-3 grams per 200 ml at 90ºC-95ºC and let it stand for 4-5 minutes. Embrace the ancient tradition of Pu'erh tea and experience its slimming benefits with every sip.


Materials/Ingredients: Pu erh red tea, mate, nettle, carrot, freeze-dried blueberry, calendula, mallow, freeze-dried strawberry, freeze-dried raspberry, aroma

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