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Lrg Stones Chakra Set ( oval shape )

Lrg Stones Chakra Set ( oval shape )

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Enhance your spiritual practice with our Lrg Stones Chakra Set in oval shape. Each set includes 7 large stones, each representing a different chakra symbol. But what are chakras? These energy centers are associated with specific energies, abilities, and parts of the body and spirit.

Chakra stones are a powerful tool for enhancing chakra healing and daily balance. Whether you're new to chakra work or a seasoned practitioner, this set is perfect for anyone looking to take responsibility for their own healing.

Why not add these Esoteric Pouch Sets to your crystal collection? Each stone has its own unique energy, making them a wonderful addition to any spiritual practice. Order today and unlock the magic of chakra healing.


Materials/Ingredients: Sodalite

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