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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Sodalite

Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Sodalite

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Introducing our Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant, featuring the mesmerising Sodalite gemstone. Handcrafted in the heart of India, this pendant celebrates the timeless elegance of the teardrop shape, beautifully enhancing the beauty of Sodalite.

Sodalite is known for its deep blue colour with striking white marbling, visually stunning and carrying symbolic significance. Believed to bring about emotional balance, enhance self-expression, and promote inner peace, Sodalite is a gemstone with both aesthetic and metaphysical appeal.

Each Sodalite Teardrop Pendant is intricately laced to showcase the gemstone's natural allure, and the addition of an adjustable string ensures a customised and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Whether it's worn for its aesthetic charm or its potential metaphysical benefits, the Sodalite Teardrop Pendant is sure to resonate with those seeking serenity, self-expression, and elegance.

Add a touch of tranquillity to your look with this exquisite pendant, available with a string length of approximately 34 cm.



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