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Jute Scrub Soap Pouch - Natural

Jute Scrub Soap Pouch - Natural

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Introducing our Jute Scrub Soap Pouch, a natural and eco-friendly way to enhance your bathing experience. Made in India, this versatile pouch is designed to fit almost all of our soaps, allowing you to customize your cleansing routine.

The jute material provides gentle exfoliation, promoting smoother and healthier-looking skin. By using this pouch with your choice of soap, you can potentially improve skin texture and stimulate circulation, leaving you with a revitalized glow.

Experience the benefits of this intensive exfoliating soap pouch, which deeply cleanses and invigorates the skin. Aromatherapists suggest that regular use may help eliminate toxins and reduce the appearance of uneven skin texture, promoting a more radiant complexion.



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