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Healing Incense Powder - Nutmeg 50gm

Healing Incense Powder - Nutmeg 50gm

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Indulge in the exquisite aroma of nutmeg with our Healing Incense Powder in a 50gm pack. This fragrant incense powder is perfect for soothing the senses and creating a tranquil ambiance. Carefully curated blends of aromatic ingredients promote well-being and balance, making it a must-have for your relaxation routine.

To use, prepare a heat-resistant incense burner or designated holder. Fill the mould with incense powder and gently remove it to place on the plate. Ignite the powder, let it catch fire briefly, and then blow it out, allowing the aromatic smoke to fill your space.


Materials/Ingredients: Bamboo Wood Powder, fragrance

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