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Good Luck Feng-Shui Bracelets - Orange

Good Luck Feng-Shui Bracelets - Orange

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Bring a touch of luck and positivity into your life with our Good Luck Feng-Shui Bracelets. Made from wood beads and adorned with coins of Fortune, these bracelets are believed to attract happiness, luck, and success.

Chinese coins of luck have a rich history, once used by emperors to strengthen finances and attract prosperity. Now, you can carry this ancient symbol with you as a talisman of good luck.

Each bracelet features a square centerpiece, tightly bound with coloured rope and wooden beads, making it a stylish accessory with a meaningful purpose.

Choose the Orange variant to add a vibrant pop of colour to your ensemble, and let the positive energy flow.


Materials/Ingredients: Wood beads

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