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Fengshui Quatra-Set Natural Quartz

Fengshui Quatra-Set Natural Quartz

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Enhance your space with the Fengshui Quatra-Set Natural Quartz. This set includes 4 large pieces of natural quartz, each engraved with a different Fengshui Quatra symbol, making it a versatile addition to your crystal collection.

Natural quartz is known for its ability to clear, protect, and strengthen energy fields, making it a powerful tool for creating a harmonious environment.

Whether you're looking to enhance the energy in your home or office, these quartz pieces are perfect for carrying specific qualities of energy.

Bring a touch of magic to your space with the Esoteric Pouch Sets. Order now and experience the transformative power of natural quartz.

Dimensions: 4.5x1 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Quartz crystal

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