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Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Travel

Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Travel

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Experience the ancient art of energy cleansing and smudging with our Travel Smudge Kit. This kit includes:

  • Smudge Stick: White Sage 10cm - Made from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant, this sacred herb has been used for centuries by indigenous shamans in North America for purification ceremonies.
  • Palo Santo - Meaning "holy wood," this fragrant wood originates from South America and has been used for centuries to clear auras and heal from negative influences.
  • Selenite Stick Raw Crystal - Natural Stone 10 cm (4 Inch) - This calming stone instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It is also one of the most powerful crystals for healing, connecting to the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras.

Embrace the benefits of these ancient tools for purification, healing, and spiritual connection.


Materials/Ingredients: Palo Santo, Smudge Stick

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