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Copper Ritual Goblet with Tree of Life 10x15cm

Copper Ritual Goblet with Tree of Life 10x15cm

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Embrace the spiritual significance of the Tree of Life with our Copper Ritual Goblet. This unique 10x15cm goblet is not only a practical tool for rituals but also a beautiful symbol of harmony and growth.

The goblet's intricate Tree of Life decoration holds deep meaning across various cultures, representing unity, rebirth, and the connection between earth and sky. Crafted from copper, it exudes an antique charm, adding a touch of mystique to your rituals.

Designed for comfort, the goblet's ergonomic shape ensures a secure grip during ceremonies and meditation. Whether used for magical rituals or as a captivating decorative piece, it brings a sense of spiritual presence to any space.

For those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and the power of symbolism, our Copper Ritual Goblet with Tree of Life is a must-have. Please handle with care as the vessel may become hot when used for burning incense or other products.

Dimensions: 10x15 (cm)


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