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Cleanse your Space Kit

Cleanse your Space Kit

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Transform your home into an oasis of peace and calm with our Cleanse your Space Kit! Rid your space of negative energy and purify the air with this carefully curated set. Here's what you'll get:

  • Black Sage Smudge Stick 10cm
  • Shasta Sage Smudge Stick 10cm
  • May Chang & Bergamot 100ml Essential Oil Mist
  • Green Tree Palo Santo Sticks 10-15 sticks

The smudge sticks can be used for cleansing the aura, before meditation, or to enhance intuition. The essential oil mist combines the warm, uplifting lemon aroma of May Chang with the fresh, sweet, and citrusy Bergamot to create the perfect atmosphere. Made in England with Yorkshire Water, Witch Hazel, and essential oils.

Palo Santo, meaning holy wood, originates from South America and has been used for centuries to clear the aura and heal from negative influences. Its warm, wooden aroma with a sweet touch will uplift your space.

This set is a must-have for creating a harmonious environment. Embrace the power of cleansing and relaxation at a price that will make you smile!



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