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Chakra Tall Charcoal Incense Jar - Sacral

Chakra Tall Charcoal Incense Jar - Sacral

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Enhance your space with the vibrant energy of the Sacral Chakra Tall Charcoal Incense Jar. Handmade in India, this stunning red jar is adorned with intricate golden patterns, making it a beautiful addition to any ritual or meditation practice.

Designed for use with resin and charcoal tablets, this jar features a removable grate to catch ash, making cleanup a breeze. Remember to handle with care, as incense burners can become very hot during use. Always place on a heat-resistant surface and keep away from flammable objects.

After each use, allow the charcoal to cool before disposal. Elevate your spiritual rituals with the captivating beauty and functionality of this unique incense jar.


Materials/Ingredients: Brass

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