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Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentagon 6.5x13cm

Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentagon 6.5x13cm

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Bring a touch of magic to your rituals with our Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentagon 6.5x13cm. This cauldron is not just a practical tool, but also a stunning decorative piece that adds a mystical vibe to your spiritual practices.

Made of durable cast iron, this cauldron retains heat for longer, making it perfect for burning incense, herbs, or other substances during your rituals. Its compact size (6.5x13 cm) allows for easy placement on altars, tables, or any dedicated spiritual space.

The pentagram holds deep meaning in magical traditions, adding extra symbolic value to this cauldron. It's an excellent choice for enhancing your rituals and creating the right atmosphere during spiritual ceremonies.

Important: The cauldron becomes very hot when in use. Always place it on a heat-resistant surface and handle with care. You can fill the vessel with non-flammable material such as sand for added safety.

Dimensions: 6.5x13 (cm)


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