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Cap for RDBot-14/15/16 2.5 cm - Silver Top

Cap for RDBot-14/15/16 2.5 cm - Silver Top

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Enhance your home fragrance experience with our Silver Top Caps, specially designed for RDBot-14, 15, and 16 reed diffuser bottles.

Choose between the sleek silver or classic black caps, complete with a travel plug for convenience.

Seal and open your reed diffuser bottle effortlessly with the included cork, ensuring your favourite scents stay fresh.

Customize your home aromatherapy experience by adding your preferred essential oils or room-freshening fragrances to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Pair with our selection of reeds and fragrance oils from our Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy Departments to create your own signature scent.

Please note that the bottles are sold separately and can be found below.

Elevate your home with captivating aromas and create an aromatic haven for all to enjoy.


Materials/Ingredients: plastic

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