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Banjara Resin Cups - Mayan Myyrh

Banjara Resin Cups - Mayan Myyrh

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Breathe in the ancient aroma of Mayan Myrrh with our Banjara Ethno Tribal Resin Cups. Myrrh isn't just a delightful scent - it's been linked to various health benefits, from fighting harmful bacteria to easing stress and pain. In magical traditions, it's used to dispel negative energy and protect against psychic attacks.

Product details:

  • Scent: Earthy fragrance with warm, woody, and slightly resinous notes
  • Contents: 6 Smudge Cups
  • Cup Size: Approx 3cm
  • Origin: Made in India

Handmade, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced, our resin cups are a natural choice. Plus, they're not tested on animals. Just remember to burn the cup on the accompanying metal plate in a well-ventilated space, and keep it away from children. Avoid using fans or windy conditions for the best experience.



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