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Back Flow Incense Cones - Tibetan Musk (approx 225 pcs) 500g

Back Flow Incense Cones - Tibetan Musk (approx 225 pcs) 500g

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Experience the enchanting aroma of Tibetan Musk with our Back Flow Incense Cones. Made in India, these long-burning cones offer a truly exotic fragrance that sets them apart from the rest. Each box contains approximately 225 pieces (500g), ensuring lasting enjoyment.

When lit, the smoke from these cones cascades down the incense tower like a mesmerising waterfall, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere in any space. The single cone measures 3cm in height, 1cm in diameter, and weighs 2g.

Light up these cones and watch as the smoke gracefully descends, filling the room with a delicate fragrance that lingers. For the full experience, pair them with our Back Flow Incense Burners to create a truly mesmerising effect.

Indulge in the best value and elevate your space with the alluring scent of Tibetan Musk. Please note that these cones are designed exclusively for use with Back Flow Incense Burners.


Materials/Ingredients: incense

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