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Aromatica Premium Incense - White Sage

Aromatica Premium Incense - White Sage

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Transform your space with the bright and energizing aroma of Aromatica Premium Incense in White Sage. Hand-rolled in India using natural ingredients, these masala incense sticks are a perfect addition to your home.


  • Made with ancient traditional Ayurvedic recipe
  • Contains natural wooden powder, joss powder, gums, resins, and essential oils
  • Non-toxic and free from chemicals
  • Charcoal-free smoke
  • 20 sticks per pack

Light up these incense sticks, place them in an incense holder, and let the wonderful fragrance of white sage fill your home.

Dimensions: 2.5x2.5x25.5 (cm), 0.159L, 0.257Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Incense

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