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25g Green Tree Palo Santo Sticks 3-4 sticks

25g Green Tree Palo Santo Sticks 3-4 sticks

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Experience the sacred aroma of Palo Santo with our 25g Green Tree Palo Santo Sticks. Each pack contains 3-4 sticks of this holy wood, revered for centuries by native South American Indians for its cleansing and healing properties.

When burned, the warm, woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for clearing negative energy and promoting positivity. Unlike white sage, Palo Santo emits a gentle scent that is both soothing and spiritually uplifting.

Bring the ancient tradition of Palo Santo into your home and enjoy its pure, natural fragrance. Choose from our range of scents and discover the transformative power of this sacred wood.

Dimensions: 20x12x1 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Palo Santo

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