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10ml Aromatherapy Car Blend - Family Trip

10ml Aromatherapy Car Blend - Family Trip

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Transform your car into a haven of tranquility with our 10ml Aromatherapy Car Blend in the delightful scent of Family Trip. This blend combines the sweet, woody aroma of Cedarwood essential oil with the uplifting citrus and fruity notes of Bergamot essential oil, creating a perfect harmony to help reduce stress and increase alertness during your busy driving trips with family and friends.

Experience the benefits of aromatherapy on the go and make your journeys happier, healthier, and safer with our carefully crafted essential oil blend. Simply add a few drops to your car diffuser and let the soothing aroma envelop you as you drive.

Enhance your driving experience with the power of aromatherapy, and enjoy the journey with our Family Trip Aromatherapy Car Blend.

Dimensions: 6.3x2.5 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Cedarwood, Bergamot, Amber Bottle, Dropper Cap

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