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108 Bead Mala - Rock Crystal

108 Bead Mala - Rock Crystal

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Experience the ancient tradition of meditation with our 108 Bead Mala featuring mesmerizing Rock Crystal Gemstone Beads.

The Mala, originating from Hindu tradition, is a powerful tool for keeping count while reciting mantras or the name of a deity during meditation.

Imported directly from Ahmedabad, India, each Mala exudes authenticity and spiritual significance.

Embrace the meditative practice by allowing the cool, smooth texture of Rock Crystal to guide you through your spiritual journey.

Please note: As each bead is crafted from natural gemstones, variations in size and length add to the unique charm of each Mala.

Size: Approximately 0.6-0.8 cm beads, Length: Approximately 60-80 cm.

Open your mind to the mystique of the 108 Bead Mala and elevate your meditation experience.



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