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10 ml Tangerine Essential Oil

10 ml Tangerine Essential Oil

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Indulge in the sweet, tangy aroma of Tangerine Essential Oil, reminiscent of freshly peeled oranges. This calming oil is perfect for uplifting your spirits and promoting a sense of security.

Derived from the fruit peel through cold expression, this essential oil from Brasil is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, offering a range of benefits:

  • Powerful depurative properties for detoxification
  • Refreshes and purifies the blood
  • Soothes inflammation and hyperactivity in various organ systems
  • Supports digestive health by maintaining proper flow of digestive juices

Let the soothing properties of tangerine essential oil calm your body and mind, while promoting overall well-being. Add a few drops to your diffuser or blend with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage.

Dimensions: 6.1x2.4 (cm)


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