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10 ml Myrrh Essential Oil

10 ml Myrrh Essential Oil

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Indulge in the rich, earthy aroma of Myrrh Essential Oil. Sourced from Somalia, this oil is extracted through steam distillation, preserving its natural essence.

Myrrh has been cherished for centuries for its versatile uses, from aromatic perfumes to sacred rituals. In aromatherapy, it is believed to offer a myriad of benefits:

  • Easing coughs and colds
  • Soothing digestive discomfort
  • Boosting immunity
  • Alleviating insomnia and sore throat

Beyond aromatherapy, Myrrh Essential Oil is also valued for its anti-inflammatory properties, immune-boosting effects, and potential to aid in wound healing. Embrace the timeless allure of Myrrh Essential Oil and explore its holistic benefits today.

Dimensions: 6.1x2.4 (cm)


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