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10 ml Cypress Essential Oil

10 ml Cypress Essential Oil

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Experience the calming and soothing benefits of our Cypress Essential Oil, extracted from the needles and twigs of the Mediterranean cypress tree.

Key features:

  • Calms strong emotions like anger
  • Helps with varicose veins and haemorrhoids
  • Useful for conditions of excess fluid
  • Soothes muscular cramps and eases arthritis
  • Great for respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis

According to Greek mythology, the cypress tree is associated with mourning and the underworld, but its botanical name 'Sempervirens' means 'live forever' - a fascinating contradiction.

Add a few drops to a vaporiser for a calming atmosphere or dilute in a cold compress for relief from nosebleeds. Embrace the rich history and powerful properties of our Cypress Essential Oil.

Dimensions: 6.1x2.4 (cm)


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